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All my career in law, I have always been honest clearly explaining the law and focusing on problem-solving, so I established a Champ law firm and uphold this way of working as the heart of all lawyers and experts in the organization. We will deal with your concern as if it were our own problem.


Founder │ Attorney & legal consultant
Chulalongkorn University, Bachelor of Laws

I am highly prominent for serving multinational clients in a broad range of commercial transactions, involving commercial contracts, licenses and permits, corporate works. Further, my practice focuses primarily on legal analysis regarding commercial and investment laws and tax.


Corporate  &  Commercial  Lawyer
Penn State University, Master of Laws
Chulalongkorn University, Bachelor of Laws

My motto is Labor Omnia Vincit that meaning “perseverance is the way to success.” Just as protecting the interests of clients is an important duty of a lawyer. Maintaining time and work discipline is indispensable. Must be a lawyer who can advise anyone, no matter how easy or difficult, and apply the law in a pure and fair manner. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be a lawyer.

Kroekkiat Suphanthamanon

Attorney │ civil & criminal case
Ramkhamheng University, Bachelor of laws

When entering the judicial process, our lawyer’s job does not focus on which side will be the winner or the loser. But we want our clients to be as fair as possible, whether we are right or wrong because justice is for everyone.


Attorney │ civil & criminal case
Chulalongkorn University, Bachelor of Laws
Jasmin Cartter

Jasmin  cartter

Corporate  &  Commercial  Lawyer  assistance 
Ramkhamheng University, Bachelor of laws
Chawanrath Ramanpeng

Chawanrath  Ramanpeng

Litigation  Lawyer Assistant
Ramkhamheng University, Bachelor of laws
Wasinee pungnuson

Wasinee  pungnuson

Service Advisor
Apinya Boonsoi

Apinya Boonsoi

Service Advisor
lawyer assistant

Politeness, humbleness, clarity, and standing in contacting government agencies is one of the Company’s successes, whether it is the Land Office, the Court, the Ministry of Commerce, the Revenue Department, and other government offices. You can trust me for sure.

Anuwat  Siritammajag

Government contact

With more than 10 years of experience helping foreigners, we know every problem that foreigners face. The collection of documents and changing the rules of the government with frequent modifications We understand, help, and adapt the rules to allow foreigners to Legally valid visas and work permits.



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