business law service

business law service

Set Up A Thai Company 

  • Partnership agreement before investment
  • Establish a limited company or Set up a Thai company
  • Meeting minutes
  • Memorandum
  • Director’s authority
  • Open a company bank account
  • VAT registration
  • List of shareholders
  • Share certificate
  • Stock book

Company registration service

  • Registered increased capital
  • Registered reduction capital 
  • Change the head office location
  • Register a branch
  • M&A transaction
  • Change of Directors / Remove Directors
  • Meeting minutes
  • Change the authority of the director
  • Change the rules of voting
  • Establish a holding company

     contact us to start the legal business. 

Partnership AGREEMENT

The partnership agreement is the most important aspect of starting a business because the issues between partners can have a significant impact on your business, no matter the size of your business.
Important things in the partnership agreement must be stated, such as the duties and responsibilities of each party, sharing of profits and losses of businesses, investments, etc.
– Partnership contract between two parties
– Partnership contracts for more than 2 parties
– Partnership contracts with foreigners
– Partnership agreement between companies, juristic persons
– Partnership contract after starting the business
– Partnership agreement to terminate business and share assets, share profits
– Other contracts related to the partnership
Our team of lawyers with expertise and experience in business law and disputes allows you to anticipate issues between your business partners and help design a partnership agreement that meets your business needs.
If you do not have a partnership contract or are in the process of starting a business, you can contact us for a partnership contract.

Establish a holding company

The benefit of establishing a Holding Company or affiliated company structure, it will give you a bigger picture of your business. In addition, it will make it easier to build new businesses under the parent company. It also increases stability as well.
– Consulting on the Holding Company project
– Determine the project of the Holding Company to be suitable for the business
– Establish a subsidiary Selling and transferring shares of the parent company
– Consultation on the formulation of various partnerships
– Partnership contract
– Increase capital or reduce capital register to increase the company’s objectives
– distribute the shares to the subsidiary in the desired proportion
– Transfer assets to the desired subsidiary
– Accounting system and tax system
– Other documents and laws related
Our team of lawyers with experience in setting up a Holding Company structure can advise you.
If you would like to set up a Holding Company or would like more information can contact us
company tax

tax planning

Taxation is a big deal, whether it’s personal or corporate, tax planning means you can pay your taxes legally, avoid the risk of huge fines, and pay less properly.
– Providing personal tax advice
– Annual personal income tax filing service
– Tax planning for full-time employees
– Tax planning for premium income
– Tax planning for SME businesses
– Tax planning for large businesses
– Tax planning by the Holding Company structure
– Pay monthly taxes
– Request a refund of withholding tax
– Other about tax
Don’t let tax issues get in the way of your business. If you have concerns or need a tax advisor, contact us.

Register company back

The abandoned company was due to the fact that you did not submit the financial statements for 3 consecutive years, causing the Department of Business Development to mark the company’s name logs out of the system legally, you can’t do any commercial activities anymore whether it is receiving money, paying until the company is revived or requesting to register the company back to the register.
– Advising on abandoned companies
– Request to register the company name back to the register.
– Submit financial statements after the company returns to the register.
– Prepare documents related to the process of returning to the register.
– Consultation in preparing financial statements.
If you need a consultation or a company name registration service, please contact us immediately.

Drafting a contract

  • General contract
  • Freelance contract
  • Partnership contract
  • Dispute settlement agreement
  • Contract for sale of houses, land, condos
  • Transfer of claim
  • Delegate powers to perform various actions
  • Business purchase agreement
  • Property purchase contract
  • Hire-purchase contract
  • Rental contracts for houses, condos, commercial buildings
  • Contract for planting buildings on the land
  • Loan Agreement
  • Various legal documents
We provide a full range of contract services. Both Thai and English with experience as a consultant for many businesses, we have the expertise and can see problems that will arise and make a contract covering all events
Contact to make a contract, check the contract, and make legal documents.

Changing director

– Registration of directors resigning
– Registration of dismissal of directors
– Organize a shareholders’ meeting to remove directors
– Director requesting to resign in person
– The director submits a resignation letter to the Department of Business Development.
– Add or reduce directors
– Limit the powers and duties of the Managing Director of the Company.
– Change the authority of the Company’s directors
– Other about the director
Contact us for immediate action or consultation.

Changing shareholder

– Submit the shareholder’s list during the establishment of the company
– Prepare share certificates
– Prepare stock book
– Transfer of shares
– Share transfer agreement between partners
– Share transfer agreement with third parties
– Preferred shares, ordinary shares
– Change the shareholder account
Contact us about company shareholders or seek advice immediately.

Trademark register

– Checking a trademark.  
– Consulting on patents and copyrights
– Prepare documents for applying for a patent, copyright
– Submit a patent application
– Notification of copyright arrest
– Fighting patent and copyright cases
Contact us about a patent or copyright right.

Account and Tax Services 

  • Tax and account structure
  • Monthly account
  • Monthly tax
  • Balance sheet
  • Financial plan
  • Yearly tax
  • Personal tax
  • Company tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Get tax back
  • VAT registration
  • Communication with the Revenue department
  • Negotiation with the revenue department
  • Other

Consult Tax and account issues contact us.

Government license

In doing business, it is necessary to have various licenses with the government for the convenience of using our services to contact the government for a license.
  • FDA
  • Food sales license
  • Alcohol license
  • Building permit
  • Factory establishment license
  • License to import products or sell products
  • License, bar, beer
  • Cannabis license
  • Other
Not sure what licenses your business needs? Can let us check and give you advice

business checking

Before you make any acquisitions or enter into a partnership with any business, we recommend that you conduct a legal due diligence review of the business, its accounting status, and its legal status.
– Check the company’s liabilities
– Check the status of the company
– Check account credibility Company Accounting
– Examine the company’s lawsuits
– Investigate the case of the Managing Director
– Investigate shareholder lawsuits
– Assess the accuracy and risk of legal and accounting matters
– Assessing tax risks
– Check legal license
– Check other legal characteristics
Contact us for a consultation before entering into a joint venture, acquisition or investment in a company.