Civil Court Case

Civil case

Civil lawsuits only claim damages. no prison sentence

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What is a civil case and is it serious?

A civil case is a lawsuit that deals with personal matters. no criminal penalties The state did not come as a victim in the case. It’s really about the parties.
Most of them are calling money. claim damages enforce the contract to force something
the severity of the civil case Although there is no imprisonment, but if negligence will result in losing the case. All the property obtained was confiscated. in common sense I don’t want any case.
But in reality, we can’t choose. The more you get sued, the more you can’t choose. can only fight the case

Punishment of a civil case

Civil cases do not carry a prison sentence like criminal cases. don’t be afraid to kill
The ultimate goal of a civil case is compensation for damages, foreclosure, salary cuts, or being forced to do something, such as moving out of the land. move out of the house allowing others to use the way in the land, etc.
In the event that we stubbornly refuse to do what The verdict of the civil case says that the court may order us to detain us until we agree to do so.
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How many years does a civil case last?

The term is the length of time the law requires us to exercise our rights in court. to prosecute or claim damages from the parties which if past the time specified by the law The law sees that we forgive what has happened. will not be able to file a lawsuit against each other again There are many people who lose the lawsuit confused. because it has expired
For civil cases, the law provides a broad framework that has a term of 10 years, unless the law specifically states that How old is this story? The misconception of most people is that they have 10 years to file a lawsuit so they are not in a hurry. a wrong idea and causing us to lose our rights unfortunately
– Civil case example with an age limit of less than 10 years, such as
– Accident is a violation case, the term is 1 year.
– Cash card, credit card, validity 2 years
– Bounced check, age of 1 year (criminal 90 days)
– Hire purchase contract, term of 2 years
– etc.
Even a lawyer, lawyer, prosecutor or judge Still can’t remember every story at all, what age and how old. When working together, it must be reviewed. always check first
So what if there is a problem, especially a civil case with a variety of ages? Please consult with Champ lawyer  in order to know the legal status and to know if our case has expired or not.
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Civil case, no money to pay

You don’t have money to pay what will happen? Civil cases are cases where we will not go to jail. not executed Even if we lose the case for a hundred and two hundred million debt
In the case of civil penalties or compulsory conditions enforce the case
by having our assets traced and then seize or attach our property to be sold at auction
After receiving the money, he will take it to the creditor. if luck left money He will refund the rest to us.
Let’s look at an example for easy understanding.
Mr. Paul lost the case to Mr. Keng 2,000,000 baht. Mr. Paul lost his job. No money to collect. No money to pay in civil cases There is only one house priced around 3,500,000 baht.
Mr. Keng had the lawyer seize this house to pay the debt. The officials then sold the house at auction.
One day, people came to buy at a price of 2,900,000 baht. The staff set aside this amount of 2,000,000 baht to Mr. Keng.
And the remaining 900,000 baht, the officer returned it to Mr. Paul.
Have you seen the picture?
Therefore, if you refuse to pay the money in a civil case Be careful, you will be confiscated, your house, your car, and your money will be confiscated.

Can a civil case seize the property of a spouse?

Many people worry when our spouse is reckless and incurs a lot of debt.
In a civil case like this, how much will the creditor come to seize the property of our spouse?
Let me tell you first that it’s definitely not because the law thinks that Who owes it?
It’s not just the spouse, it’s the father’s debt. The debt of the mother is not the debt of the child either. But if incurring debt together, they must be responsible together.
One more thing to consider is The property of the spouse which is the “Sin Somros” must be divided in half and the creditor in civil cases can seize the “half” owed by the spouse.
Let’s look at an example.
Mr. Quinn and Mrs. Bell are married. While living together, they bought a house in the name of Mrs. Belle.
One day Mr. Quin Accident driving into Mr. T’s car, damaged 1 million baht
Mr. T filed a civil lawsuit and won the case. Mr. Tee saw that Mr. Quinn had a house that was married to Mrs. Bell. So I made a seizure and sold it to pay off the debt.
Even though the house is in the name of Mrs. Belle. because it is marital property So Mr. Quinn had half of his assets in the house.
Miss Belle doesn’t have a home. But no matter how much the house can be sold Mrs. Belle received half of the money to buy a new house instead.
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Can a civil case be settled?

What makes a civil case different from a criminal case? is to agree
Civil cases originate from personal offenses that damage the government or the state. not troubled The law therefore regards it as a matter between the parties only.
Therefore, to agree It’s not a matter that government agencies will ban. in our law In civil cases, the court gives the parties the opportunity to reach an agreement at any time.
Even if the judgment has already been made, such as making an agreement in the execution stage, etc.
This is different from a criminal case where even the parties agree on damages and other conditions, but if the court wants to continue prosecuting the defendant The victim was unable to do anything.
Because criminal law cases are viewed as a public matter rather than private itself.
Compromising in a civil case is called a compromise agreement. which is an agreement to be made under a lawsuit and with a judge to give the judgment enforcing the conditions agreed upon
This depends on the will of the parties and must not be contrary to the law.
for example
Mr. A sued Mr. B to return the loan of 1,000,000 baht during the litigation. B offers to use a lump sum of 700,000 baht and the case is over. Khun A agreed because he was afraid that the lawsuit would take a long time. and it’s harder to get money
Both parties therefore entered into a compromise agreement in a civil case.
The case was therefore decided as a verdict. Let B pay A 700,000 baht without having to waste time going to court to fight the case for years. No need to bring the loan agreement documents to prove at the court.
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Civil case example

If we are faced with this empty problem You are in need of a civil litigation attorney.
  • The debtor refuses to pay off the borrowed loan.
  • Tenant refuses to pay rent
  • The landlord refuses to return the rental deposit.
  • Want to cancel the condo purchase contract
  • Failed to buy a house, want a refund
  • Bought a product, paid for it and received the wrong item.
  • need a walkway out of a public road
  • forced mortgage
  • cancel the sale
  • Divorce
  • credit card personal loan
  • Bank sues for house seizure or confiscating the car from the lease
  • Defective products require a refund.
  • break the promise
  • ask the parties to stop doing something,
  • drive away
  • Claim for damages in any case, etc.
These stories are all civil cases. Our team of attorneys specialize in civil litigation. ready to help you in every problem
Whether the party claims damages or fights the lawsuit that has been filed Contact us for immediate legal advice

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