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   Freelancing is a profession that many people are increasingly interested in. However, freelancers often encounter common problems such as being exploited by clients who wage distortion or being abandoned by freelancers. Therefore, before agreeing to work together, both parties should create a comprehensive freelance contract to prevent potential issues.

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   The younger generation nowadays tends to prefer pursuing freelance careers over traditional jobs. They can be their own bosses, avoiding the rush to wake up early in the morning and the stress of commuting according to a strict schedule. They don’t have to constantly accept monotonous tasks that make them feel bored throughout the day.

   It seems like you’re talking about the growing trend towards freelance careers. Freelancing offers complete freedom and independence, but it also comes with legal risks. Those who are seeking information about this career path shouldn’t overlook

   The freelance profession is renowned for being independent. Being your own boss allows you to take on general assignments as you please, much like ordering food according to your preferences. From an outsider’s perspective, it appears to be the most comfortable job.   But in fact, it doesn’t mean that there are only advantages.People who pursue this career path need to have a high level of responsibility, diligence, and the ability to manage their own work schedule effectively.

   That includes planning finances as well.
Because being a freelancer and being your own boss are the main factors that affect the income. Income can vary greatly depending on the case-by-case basis.

   It can be said that there is a lack of financial stability.
It’s like standing on a tightrope; just standing there without any movement can make you wobble. Having a contract that provides protection and ensures that the employer doesn’t Wage distortion is comforting and provides security for the future.
If managing work and time doesn’t align, focusing on meeting deadlines may adversely affect health.t’s easy to imagine. Just think about the movie “Freelance” (2015)

   Just hearing the movie title “Freelance” is enough for us to guess that it’s about freelancers being forbidden to get sick, take leave, or rest, much like the protagonist who often grabs work and computers to work wherever there’s an opportunity and free Wi-Fi. Working hard, but trading it for health issues that lead to needing to see a doctor, like this

   Looking at it, it doesn’t seem worthwhile. Therefore, we should have freelance contracts to increase income stability, maintain our standard of responsibility, and ensure our own well-being.

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Freelance Contract

   Generally, contracts come in two forms: labor contracts and service contracts. However, for freelance, there is usually no “fixed-term contract”.

You didn’t read it wrong

   When hiring freelancers, it’s often easy to make agreements verbally or face-to-face. Once both parties are satisfied and have reached mutual understanding, it’s considered a contract. In this case, it’s termed an “oral contract”

   From a legal perspective, it’s advisable to have a written contract rather than. If any disputes arise, having a clear employment contract will provide clear evidence of the terms of the agreement.

   When litigating a case in court, evidence that is tangible and visible to the naked eye carries more weight than abstract.

Important Things to Include in a Contract of Employment

Contract Title

   Must clearly specify the type of employment contract and be as specific as possible, so that upon viewing, it is immediately understood what the contract pertains to.

List of Contracting Parties

   A contract must include the names of both parties involved, namely the name of the employer and the name of the freelancer. It should clearly specify the identities of the parties involved, whether they are individuals, legal entities, or companies.


   A good contract should clearly specify the duration of the work, from the start until the end date of the work period. It should not exceed or fall short of the terms specified in the agreement.

Payment Amount

   The contract must clearly specify the payment terms and conditions, ensuring that they are satisfactory to both parties. Payment methods and the amount should be agreed upon to ensure mutual satisfaction.

For example, in the case of completing the work, the full payment is made upon completion. Alternatively, if payments are to be made in installments, each installment should be clearly and fully specified.

For example, creating a payment schedule with slots for signatures every time a payment is made and received can help prevent misunderstandings or forgetfulness between installments.

Scope of Work

   It must be clearly defined where the boundaries of work.Work should proceed strictly according to the agreement outlined in the contract.If the employer exceeds the scope or if the freelancer fails to complete the work, it shall be considered a breach of contract by the respective party. This breach shall take effect immediately and may result in modifications to the contract.

Termination of contract

   Both parties must agree clearly on the circumstances under which the contract will be terminated and the responsibilities of each party upon termination. It should specify if there are any damages to be compensated or not in case of breach of contract by either party, even for a single clause as agreed upon. Such breaches should result in immediate termination of the contract.


   It is certain that the rights belong to the designer immediately, even if not registered. However, it can be agreed upon that the client has the right to use the work to a certain extent, which should be specified in the contract. If the client exceeds the agreed terms, it will be considered a breach of contract, and they may be liable for damages.

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Freelancer Protection Laws

   In many professions, labor laws are in place to protect workers, except for freelancers. Freelancers work independently and do not have direct employment with any specific individual or company. Therefore, they are not covered by act of labor protection . However, they can use private health insurance to cover medical expenses along with social security benefits.

Wage distortion

   If one lucky person in a million is not paid the wages owed by the employer, and then further delayed repeatedly (similar to a certain incident in Thailand when elections were repeatedly postponed)

Employees or freelancers can sue and claim damages by presenting the written employment contract as evidence in court. Even oral employment contract (made orally) can be used as evidence to file a lawsuit.

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Freelancer Abandoning Projects

   One of the problems faced by employers when encountering freelancers is their lack of responsibility in the assigned tasks. They may abandon their work to travel or take on additional jobs beyond their capacity, leading to unfinished tasks or outright desertion. Such behavior not only demonstrates irresponsibility but may also cause damage to the employer

   If the employer is currently facing such a situation, they can file a lawsuit to reclaim their rights
By using the freelance contract as evidence in legal proceedings, responding with legal measures and penalties against the employee would be considered justified.

Canceling a Freelance Contract

   Encountering issues with freelancers abandoning tasks, secretly slacking off, and occasionally arriving late, the employer or ourselves might be in breach of the contract in one way or another. Enduring such frustrations to the utmost extent, reaching a point where the other party feels compelled to terminate the employment agreement.

It can be done by adhering to the terms agreed upon in the contract from the outset.

   Therefore, in the contract, it must be clearly specified under which circumstances we can terminate the agreement and whether compensation should be provided or not.

   The amount to be refunded upon termination and the consequences of a halfway termination should be clearly specified in the contract for the peace of mind of all parties involved.


   The freelance profession has become increasingly popular, especially among younger generations who prefer working independently. To ensure clarity regarding the nature of the work, working methods, compensation, and termination procedures, it is recommended to have a contract in place. Otherwise, complications may arise later on.

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