How much “debt” must be? To be able to go to jail?

debt and jail

The other day I came across this question, it took time to clear this question but the principle is No!!!

Because “debt” and “prison” are not related.
Imprisonment comes from the reason that we break the law in a manner that imposes a prison sentence such as murder, stealing, defamation, plowing other people’s money, or physically harming others.
As for the debt in this case no matter how much we owe others
or borrowed money from other people and did not return it there is absolutely no way to go to jail.
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Like a lot of bank debt It’s not going to jail, right?

As you already know who owe various loans, there is no way to go to jail. Whether the debt is tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or tens of millions. In the event that some people go bankrupt, he wasn’t in jail still living a normal life, staying at home, going to work, going out to see friends, and being with family.
But there will be only financial problems property and income only.

This topic that I presented. I’m not going to point out that being in debt and not paying back is comfortable.

It’s just not in prison.

Being in debt and not paying back will lead to the seizure of assets, the seizure of the house, and the seizure of the car.
Salary is deducted and some people go bankrupt to the point that they are forbidden to leave the country at all.
Our laws have different penalties. If you commit a criminal offense such as killing someone or stealing something, you will be sentenced to prison.
But if we owe other people and do not pay It is called a “civil” offense. If many people report to the police station and the police say it’s civil, they don’t make a case for them.

Because debt is a matter that has no prison involved at all.

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