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“If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already.”

Abraham Lincoln

Penalty of being Thief, guilty or settlement?

Table of Contents Theft case Can Theft cases make a compromise? Prescription of theft case

What is the criminal law and example ?

Criminal Law is the body of law that deals with offenses and the penalties prescribed

What is Bankruptcy?

Throughout the period of insolvency, the debtor must fully cooperate with the asset officer.

What is law? How many types are there?

Law is the set of rules, regulations, or standards used as fundamental guidelines for coexistence

Problem of restaurant and music copyright, How to fix?

In some cases, even if the song owners release their music to the public, individuals

Must know what is the married property?

it's evident that the law places great importance on marital property matters, with the main

Can I demand invest back from business?

Once we realize that our business is incurring "losses" or is undergoing improvements, the majority

How to submit the online court case by “your self”?

it's undeniable that it's much more convenient. It's better than spending an hour traveling to

How to withdraw the executor? and when we can do?

Appointing an executor is not difficult, The problem arises when, they refuse to fulfill their

No Will, who has received the largest inheritance?

The person who receives the largest inheritance without a specific will is the spouse. When