law firm

“If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already.”

Abraham Lincoln

What is a Bail bond? Why and how much?

Bail is a right that can be requested, but it's not an absolute right that

Get the downpayment form condominium back, even not get a loan.

If you have already paid the down payment and encounter issues but wish to avoid

Child custody of the father

The issue of father and child is another matter where the law does not provide

Sue debtor by yourself without lawyer.

When one has to sue a debtor by themselves, many may fear what they will

Return the car and stop pay finance?

"Difference fee" I thought that in the past the installment payment was like renting a

Civil Court Case

Civil cases are cases where there is a claim for damages, whether it is money

Do you know the court fee? No money no justice

If we sue for money from someone who took the money for 300,000 baht, the

How much “debt” must be? To be able to go to jail?

Imprisonment arises from the fact that we break the law in a manner that imposes

Labor Laws, Unfair Dismissal

Labor Laws addition to the compensation received by the employee can claim unfair dismissal damages


Visa Thailand

Marriage visa are popular. because it is a visa with an annual duration Unconditional, must