law firm

“If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already.”

Abraham Lincoln

What is Notary public, which document need notarize?

Notary Public or simply Notary refers to individuals who are deemed trustworthy and recognized in

Going to the court with out lawyer? Can handle the case myself?

Starting a legal case does not necessarily require a lawyer, that's correct. Indeed, the law

Who is the administrator and why should there be? How many?

Inheritance manager is a representative of an heir who has the power and duty to

“OCPB” , what they do?

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board, is a government agency under the Office of

Contract for Freelance must know before start work.

Generally, contracts come in two forms: labor contracts and service contracts. However, for freelance, there

How to do the contract ?

A contract is a legal activity, also known as a “juridical act,” between two or


How do you do a will? why do you need it?

Having a will allows us to 'specify' who will inherit our property.

The process of setting up a company, when and where to do?

Company Registration Can be recorded both online (in front of the computer) and offline (Send