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Minors law

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What is a minor?

A minor refers to a person who has not yet reached legal age. Reaching legal age or the end of minority status means that if they wish to conduct any legal transactions, they must first obtain consent from their guardian.

age of a minor?

A minor is a person who has not yet reached the age of 20.

Reaching legal age

It means the condition where a person has the legal capacity to perform legal acts on their own behalf. Reaching legal age is determined as follows:

1. When a person reaches the age of 20 years old.
2. When a person is not yet 20 years old, but has legally married, which is allowed when a man and woman both reach the age of 17 years old, or when the court allows marriage before this

Minors law

In the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, although the term “minor” is not explicitly defined, Articles 19 and 20 outline the conditions under which a person ceases to be a minor and reaches legal age:

Article 19: “A person ceases to be a minor and reaches legal age when they turn twenty years old.”

Article 20: “A minor reaches legal age upon marriage, provided that the marriage complies with the provisions of Article 1448.”

The ‘Youth Law’ resembles general laws but the penalties imposed on minors may be lighter or they may not be penalized at all. In some cases, parents or guardians may be held responsible instead.”

What legal actions can minors take?

A legal act that allows a minor to acquire one right or another, or a legal act that relieves a minor of one obligation or another, such as a minor receiving property from another person by donation.

Activities that minors must do on their own.

A minor may do any act whatsoever which is a reasonable and necessary act for the maintenance of life and suitable to their condition in life.

A minor may make a will when they have reached the age of 15 years old without needing permission from a legal representative. If a minor makes a will and is under the age of 15 years old, that will shall be void.

The minor’s legal guardian

Parent or guardian is someone who is responsible for the care and supervision of a minor, such as a father, mother, or a person who is taking care of or raising the minor.

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