Do you know the court fee? No money no justice

thai court fee

In addition to attorney fees I want to sue someone who has to pay for the court fee as well.

What is the court fee?

Why not free?

How much do I have to pay?

Do I have to pay every lawsuit?

Will the court fees be refunded?

What is the court fee?

Take in simple meaning is the fee for which we will file a lawsuit Let the court hear our case The mood is like location, staff, time, etc. It depends on what you compare with. (Government office, when contacting anything, there will be this type of fee.)

Why not free?

The cost here will be screening for those who are interested to claim. or actually suing the other party to be willing to invest to pay court fees here and must think that their own case has the right to win If it’s small, it may not be worth the court fees. or cases that are not likely to win the case at all, so that they do not have to pay court fees for free

I also want it for free. When people in the hottest months are cheated by other people I had to tell him to set aside some money. a court fee

In fact, there will be some cases that do not require court fees, such as consumer cases, but must meet the conditions first.

If the court accepts all cases, there are no conditions at all. The court probably won’t be able to decide the case that is really the case in time. Even now, it’s still a long time to finish 1 case.

How much do I have to pay?

calculated from the value calculated in money The amount we called to the other party 2%

For example, if we sue for money from the person who took the money for 300,000 baht, the court fee 2% = 6,000 baht.

Don’t you see a lot? But if we call each other tens of millions The court fee here is several hundred thousand.

But the court has mercy. If the requested capital does not exceed 50 million, it will be a ton of 200,000 baht (I would like the average to decrease by 1% would be better).

Do I have to pay for every case?

Not all cases, but only civil cases with capital.

And which cases have capital?

If demanded to pay money or ask for property from other people, it has to pay court fees.

Will the court fees be refunded?

If the case ends with mediation, almost all of them will be returned (7 out of 8 parts). So I give back a special The other is to motivate each other to mediate.

But if the case has reached the judgment didn’t return

But if they win, the losing side loses to us instead.

Therefore, before deciding to sue Don’t forget to prepare money here too.

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