“OCPB” , what they do?


What is “OCPB”

OCPB. It is abbreviated from Office of the Consumer Protection Board.

It is a government agency under the Prime Minister’s Office with the aim of protecting consumers from unfair treatment by general product and service providers, especially in terms of consumer goods and services.

It is an organization that provides assistance to individuals who have suffered from the use of products, including issues related to product safety, damages caused by product use, and unfair terms and conditions.

The duties of “OCPB”

1.We handle complaints from consumers who have suffered damage or distress from businesses, such as endangerment due to various types of products.

2.Coordinate with government agencies or regulatory bodies responsible for controlling, promoting, and setting standards for products or services. For example, those dealing with hazardous products, substandard goods, or services that exploit consumers.

3.Monitor and observe the behavior of business operators. If there are actions that violate consumer rights, there will be testing or verification of those products or services.

  4. Supporting education and conducting research on consumer protection issues. This helps in providing solutions that  are aligned with consumer concerns and requirements.

  5. Promoting and supporting consumer education at all levels of education regarding safety issues and potential dangers from using certain products, including prevention and avoidance measures, is crucial. This enables individuals to protect themselves proactively at a basic level. In this regard, it is considered one of the important responsibilities of the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB).

  6.Disseminating academic knowledge and providing education to consumers aims to foster safe consumption habits and maximize resource utilization. The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) has a dedicated department, namely the Public Relations and Promotion Division, responsible for directly handling these tasks. They conduct activities to disseminate academic knowledge across various domains.

  7. Another crucial and highly beneficial operation is notifying or advertising products that may pose a danger to consumers. This may involve disclosing the names of products, services, or even the names of the manufacturers or businesses involved.

Types of Complaints Handled by “OCPB”

   In general, complaints can be made about any issue where consumers have received services or purchased products that are of poor quality, below standards, or have resulted in side effects that are harmful to the consumers themselves.

   For example, using shampoo causing severe allergic reactions due to unsafe chemicals, developers seizing down payments from customers legally, purchasing a brand-new car with a red license plate that breaks down severely after just one day of use.

   So, every issue arising from the use of products and services, regardless of the brand’s size, can be reported directly to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board.

Is “OCPB“ Better Than Sue in court?

   The OCPB acts as a mediator to handle complaints from consumers, allowing both consumers and businesses to avoid facing each other directly.

   If viewed from a legal perspective, it would be advisable to file a lawsuit directly with the court.

   Because the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) is not an independent legal entity with its own enforceable laws, there may be gaps in its ability to address certain issues conclusively. If you choose to file a complaint directly with the police and then hire a lawyer, the process may proceed more quickly and be resolved more easily.


   The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) is one of the state agencies dedicated to assisting the public in consumer protection matters. It serves as a mediator in handling complaints. Whether the process is slow or fast, there are no guarantees.

   In the end, no matter what we consume, it’s important to have basic knowledge as our foundation. This helps protect our safety and enables us to prepare for future situations.

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