Court Fees

In this case, the court had ordered the payment of approximately 200,000 Baht in court fees. However, due to the intense distress of the victim, who had been deceived and lost all their money, it was challenging to afford, especially as a foreigner with the added financial burden of sending children to study at a university abroad.

Therefore, a request was made to the court for a waiver of the court fees.

Fortunately, the court showed compassion and reduced the court fees from over 200,000 Baht to 60,000 Baht.

The victim managed to gather the necessary funds and intends to pay the reduced court fees, proceeding with the case to its conclusion.

This case demonstrates that the legal process is not exclusive to those with financial means. The law has provided a pathway for those in need or facing difficulties to pursue legal actions, ensuring equal access to justice regardless of financial status.

Although the outcome may not be as favorable as desired, the fact that there is a process for individuals to seek compensation for their damages is a relief. The victim is pleased, especially considering the initial daunting prospect of having to pay over 200,000 Baht.

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