Inheritance before retirement from work
This man has been following us for a while and noticed that both Thai nationals and foreigners are makingwill. They are approaching retirement and have accumulated a certain amount of assets for their livelihood.
For peace of mind, they would like to make an inheritance plan before reaching retirement and specify which assets will be given to whom under certain conditions.
An interesting conversation that arose during this inheritance planning was “How many more years will I live…” because they are afraid that if the lawyer dies first, no one will know where their inheritance is.
It is a fun question but with a serious underlying issue.
I responded truthfully that if it were in the past, it might have been problematic, but now we have established an office with lawyers and a team. Even if I am no longer here, your last will still be taken care of.
Alternatively, if we close our business before you pass away, we will make sure to contact you.
Knowing this, he felt reassured and made the decision to create a two-tiered sealed inheritance plan and entrusted a copy to a lawyer.
We are pleased to provide our services.