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    Add file one by one each file no more than 5Mb



    1. Free legal consultation only, 
    2. The first response from the company is complete of free legal consultation. 
    3. The company has the right to reply / Not reply / decide a time to reply. 
    4. The attachment is no more than 5 files, each file no more than 5 Mb. We do not receive any documents from other channels for free legal consultation.
    5. Information and document are private between you and the company.
    6. The company does not allow you to use or refer the free legal consultation to other people/parties/court or any government office. 
    7. If you would like to reference official document, please contact us in other channels NOT free consultation. 
    8. If you contact us in other channels too, means you waive the right to free consultation. 
    9. After completing of free consultation and would like to hire us, you can contact us in any channel.