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Visa is known as the official Thai word that The importance of “stamping” is allowing one to enter or live in another country. Usually one country does not allow foreigners. who do not have the nationality of that country to live or travel in and out of the country freely because there will be population problems population quality and may create national problems affecting people in the country
In order to obtain a visa, we must first have a passport. Typically, the responsible agency places a visa stamp on our passport indicating the date we received the visa and the date our visa expires.
Each country therefore has to set different rules. is a regulation in that country What features will allow foreigners to enter our country? And if that condition is met, it will be granted permission, known as the familiar “Visa”.
Sometimes traveling abroad Visa is not required. There is no need to complete a visa application process, such as for short trips from 14 to 30 days, such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the Maldives, etc.
VISA is related to us in 2 types: VISA for entering and living in Thailand and VISA for us to travel and live abroad.

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Type of VISA

There are several types of visas or visas. Here are some examples of visas that are used regularly in many countries:
Tourist Visa: This is a visa for visiting the country. not allowed to work It usually lasts for about 30 days, which is enough for a typical excursion. This type of visa will be close to all of us. time to travel abroad
Transit Visa: It is a short-term visa intended to enter the country. to wait to travel through to other countries only
Marriage Visa: This is a visa that is granted to foreigners who are legally husband or wife of that country. Able to travel in and out of the country as well as those of that nationality because you have to take care of your spouse
Fiancée Visa: This is a visa that can be obtained. If you are going to get married or register your marriage according to the laws of that country, for example you are going to register your marriage in country A, you can apply for a visa like this to enter the country first. However, this visa will have a limited period that is required to continue registering the marriage.
Student Visa: This is a visa that allows people studying in that country to live. To study various subjects, but not every study, every school will be able to apply for a visa like this.
Immigration Visa: This is a visa that provides immigrants from danger, war, or other conditions. in order to take refuge in the country
Retirement Visa: This is a visa that is issued to people who are old until they have retired from work. It must show income and savings that are sufficient for living in that country. to show the purpose of coming to live in the country and is not a burden to the people of the country
There are also many types of visas. Here, let me give a brief example.

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Marriage Visa

Marriage Visa is another very popular visa for applying for a visa to live in Thailand. This is because it’s easy to request. Registered marriage with Thai people only.
Marriage visas are popular. because it is a visa with an annual duration There is no condition, must be over 60 years old, do not need to buy various courses, etc. In addition, in Thailand, foreigners are still the eyes of many Thai girls and Thai women are also in demand, causing the need for Creating a family in Thailand for a long time and continuously
Documents required
  • The original month book and a copy
  • proof of marriage photo
  • bank book
  • 2 inch photo
  • Copy of house registration of Thai spouse
  • Copy of ID card of Thai spouse
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Copy of the birth certificate of the child (if any)

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VISA Thailand

A foreigner’s stay in Thailand is required to have a visa at all times and the visa is forbidden to expire. also known as Overstay
In the event of an overstay of several days, foreigners are likely to be blacklisted from entering Thailand again.

Extend Visa

Visa Extension
Visa extension is not a hassle as long as we prepare all the documents and go to process the visa before it expires. The documents required for each type of visa renewal are different. It depends on the type of visa we wish to renew.
Champ Law Firm offers visa and visa renewal services. to all foreigners No matter what kind of visa you need We have more than 10 years of experience working in the visa field. We regularly update the immigration rules. We guarantee that there will be no mistakes.
Services for applying for a visa to travel abroad to work abroad to study abroad
We provide services to help prepare documents. feasibility analysis and submit documents to all customers You can contact us to discuss and process your visa. or renew your visa for you including being an authorized representative to contact Immigration office no matter what

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