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What is Bankruptcy?

Throughout the period of insolvency, the debtor must fully cooperate with the asset officer.

Problem of restaurant and music copyright, How to fix?

In some cases, even if the song owners release their music to the public, individuals

Can I demand invest back from business?

Once we realize that our business is incurring "losses" or is undergoing improvements, the majority

Get the downpayment form condominium back, even not get a loan.

If you have already paid the down payment and encounter issues but wish to avoid

Labor Laws, Unfair Dismissal

Labor Laws addition to the compensation received by the employee can claim unfair dismissal damages


What is Notary public, which document need notarize?

Notary Public or simply Notary refers to individuals who are deemed trustworthy and recognized in

The process of setting up a company, when and where to do?

Company Registration Can be recorded both online (in front of the computer) and offline (Send