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Minors Law reaching legal age

A minor is a person who has not yet reached the age of 20.

Inheritance Management

The inheritance management process for foreigners generally follows procedures "similar to those for Thai nationals"

Must know what is the married property?

it's evident that the law places great importance on marital property matters, with the main

How to withdraw the executor? and when we can do?

Appointing an executor is not difficult, The problem arises when, they refuse to fulfill their

No Will, who has received the largest inheritance?

The person who receives the largest inheritance without a specific will is the spouse. When

Child custody of the father

The issue of father and child is another matter where the law does not provide

Who is the administrator and why should there be? How many?

Inheritance manager is a representative of an heir who has the power and duty to

How do you do a will? why do you need it?

Having a will allows us to 'specify' who will inherit our property.