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General Legal services


Make your last will and testament with a Thai-English lawyer, we help you make the legal will in Thailand and keep the duplicate original ready to open to your heir at the right time.

  • Draft a Last Will and Testament 
  • Government registration Will
  • Verbally Will
  • Last testament
  • Review your last Will 


  • Appoint the administrator by the court
  • Account of assets/properties
  • Settlement agreement with heirs
  • Transferring properties to the heirs
  • Report of management
  • Dividing assets agreement
  • Inheritance lawsuit
  • Withdraw the administrator
  • Legal action against the administrator

Will and Inheritance, we have a special Thai lawyer whose expertise can help you at any point.

Contact the Lawyer regarding these issues.

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Legal Translation 

  • Translate court document
  • Translate government document
  • Translate Legal document
  • Translate document as court evidence
  • Court translator
  • Meeting translator
  • Police station translator
  • Officials and private translator


  • Thai – English
  • Thai – Chinese
  • Thai – Russia
  • Thai – France

Contact below to book the translator

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  • General contract
  • Freelance contract
  • Partnership contract
  • Dispute settlement agreement
  • Contract for sale of houses, land, condos
  • Transfer of claim
  • Delegate powers to perform various actions
  • Business purchase agreement
  • Property purchase contract
  • Hire purchase contract
  • Rental contracts for houses, condos, commercial buildings
  • Contract for planting buildings on the land
  • Loan agreement
  • Various legal documents

We provide a full range of contract services. both Thai and English With experience as a consultant for many businesses, we have expertise and can see problems that will arise. and make a contract covering all events

Contact to make a contract, check the contract, make legal documents.

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Various license services

In doing business, it is necessary to have various licenses with the government for the convenience of using our services to contact the government for a license.
– Food sales license
– Alcohol license
– Building permit
– Factory establishment license
– License to import goods or selling products
– Bar Beer License
– Marijuana license
– Other
Not sure what licenses your business needs? can let us check and give you advice

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Notary Public

  • Document certified by Attorney certifying signature (Notary Public)
  • Notary Public verify
  • Certified true copy by Notary Public
  • Translation certified by Notary Public.
  • Documents authenticated by Notary Public
  • Certification of documents
  • Document certified within 1 day / waiting for pickup within 15 minutes

Contact to check documents and receive services. Notary is happy to serve you.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is the process to check any legal status or legal requirements for company property or any transaction to make sure and satisfy the party.

Professional Due diligence services.

  • The company status before investing or buying stocks.
  • The house, land, or condo status/record before buying.
  • The debt or leans of the company.
  • The legal status of other parties before making the Deal.
  • Married status.
  • Court case status.
  • Land office information.
  • Authorization of managing directors.
  • Building permit.
  • Family status.
  • License permit.
  • Any information from the government.

Moreover, we also help you prepare the document and advise you to negotiate and make a deal with your party.

The best thing to sort the problem does not make it happen.

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Land office checking

In order to purchase property or acquire any property, you need to know the safety conditions, legal obligations and other obligations which the partner or seller may or may not tell you.
  • Property inspection at the Land Office
  • Property inspection at the Department of Business Development
  • Legal advice on that property
  • House, land
  • Stocks, assets
  • Other property
If you are unsure of the property you are acquiring or paying for. There is a need for a prior background or legal check. You can contact us for inquiries.

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Court case checking

In order to hire someone or agree to partner with someone, you should first know their background or history, or if you want to know the story of a lawsuit, you can get a team of lawyers.
Contact the court or relevant authorities. find information for you
– History of court cases
– Criminal history
– Lawsuit information
– Advice from the results of the judgment
– Other

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Assist with government

Government contacts take a long time, you can have a team of professional lawyers contact the government for you as well.
  • Apply for various permits
  • Registered at the Land Office
  • Registration of changes to the Department of Business Development
  • Transfer property
  • Department of Transportation
  • Contact the City Hall
  • Contact the municipality or Tambon Administrative Organization or Provincial Administrative Organization
  • District Office
  • Police station
  • Provincial Prosecutor’s Office
  • Court
  • Other government agencies

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Enforcement is the way to use the judgment to enforce by seizing defendant properties to sell on the public auction, correct money to pay your debts. After you win the case, we can help you turn the judgment into money.

Service investigation – Enforcement 

  • Investigators of properties
  • Finding house / condo / land / building
  • Finding money in any bank account.
  • Finding a working place.
  • Finding salary
  • Finding the current resident

Seize properties

  • Represent starting the process
  • House / condo / land
  • Car
  • Money in the Bank account
  • Salary direct from the company
  • Value things inside the home
  • Take care of the Auction

Finding and enforcement services contact us.

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