Neighbor's Harassment

In this case, the situation the neighbor might be facing deportation from the country and will be the criminal defendant.

It all began when he (the victim) have been residing in Thailand for a while and had concerns about his safety. Consequently, I installed a security camera outside his unit’s door. However, the camera inadvertently captured the actions of my neighbor from the adjacent unit, leading to confrontations.

The juristic person has been pursued, and I subsequently removed the camera, but the neighbor’s behavior persisted. They expressed their emotions and frustrations, which were often centered around the common area where a surveillance camera was installed.

As a response, He discreetly positioned behind the surveillance camera and covered it with a cloth (as it turned out, there was not just one camera!). Subsequently, the neighbor resumed their actions of verbally insulting painting and attempting to intrude into the door (although they were unsuccessful in entering).

Once their actions were complete, He removed the cloth from the initial surveillance camera and gradually entered the unit, under the impression that there was only one camera in that location.

Given that the unit owner is abroad, upon learning of the situation, legal representatives were engaged to gather evidence and initiate legal proceedings moving forward.