Today, I am acting as a representative for a contracting company located in the Eastern region.

This is due to the circulation of false information claiming that the company has reached agreements with certain a condominium co-owner for the purpose of offering inflated prices and providing dishonest incentives, specifically, money cash back.

The company wishes to clarify its position and set the record straight in order to rectify its reputation and correct the misleading statements made by the source of this news.

This is essential as the false information has led to misunderstandings among other clients, resulting in the cancellation of numerous contracts.

In an official capacity, the decision was made to hire legal representation to speak on behalf of the company and ensure adherence to the law.

Furthermore, considering the diverse international community residing in this condominium, the message was conveyed in both Thai and English.

Following the attorney’s representation, many residents now comprehend that the information they had previously received was indeed untrue.

We are pleased to provide this service.