In this case, the client wants to sue for divorce from their foreign spouse, citing abandonment as per the legal requirements.

Typically, there shouldn’t be any issues with the court’s decision since we have complete documentation and evidence.

However, the challenge arises because the other party is not in Thailand, so we need to request the court to issue a summons for them to appear in court at their foreign address.

This process of serving the summons across borders takes time.

Eventually, after the summons was successfully served and the other party acknowledged receipt, it is considered that they have been served with the plaintiff’s complaint.

In the end, since the other party did not appear in court as scheduled, the court ordered a trial in absentia, allowing only the plaintiff to present evidence.

Consequently, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff. Additionally, the client can register the court’s judgment for divorce.”

No matter how far away the opposing party is

we can still deliver the court summons.

We are pleased to provide this service.