If there’s a breach of the loan agreement

“In this case, because the customer was borrowed money by a friend through the Line application, 100 – 200 baht at a time, a total of more than thousands of baht.

There is a return to borrow some new loans. Finally, there is a debt that must be paid in the amount of 700 baht. The customer asked and did not answer. And think that this money is not even the level of suing the court.

Although the contract is not evidence But the message to borrow money via Chat Line is enough as evidence in the lawsuit

We therefore advise and introduce customers by proceeding with a civil lawsuit for breach of loan agreement. This case has been prosecuted through the court’s electronic process or is another name called E-Filling, which is a form that does not have to travel to the court.

Can consider the case online And finally, the result of this case came out that The court ordered the defendant to pay the debt to the plaintiff 700 baht with an interest of 5 percent per year and had to pay the lawyer to the plaintiff for another 3,000 baht.

Whether it’s 700 baht or 7,000,000 baht, if it’s a debt, it must be settled with the creditor regardless.”

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