“In this case, the customer, who is a foreigner, walks in to request that the lawyer certify important documents and confirm that they are properly prepared.

The customer intends to use these documents as part of a contract in their home country.

Therefore, we facilitate the verification of such documents, such as examining the document headings or contracts in that version, the customer’s passport, or other related documents. Subsequently, the lawyer will certify the documents for the customer, officially known as “Notarial Service Attorney.”

This certification of documents involves verifying the customer’s signature, indicating that they have signed the document in front of the lawyer.

The lawyer will not certify the content of the document to protect against potential future liabilities. To ensure the lawyer’s safety, it is advisable to keep a copy of the certified document on file.

If anyone needs important documents certified for use either internationally or domestically, they can seek certification from a lawyer”

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